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Henderson Home Pet Damage

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

dog on carpet Let us help all the Henderson pet lovers, keep their home upgraded even with their furry friends!

Henderson Pets 

Everyone loves their furry friends, but sometimes they can cause damage to your home. Carpets and even hardwood flooring can take a toll when animals are around. 

Recently, a Henderson home's flooring was damaged by a pet who had a chewing problem. In one bedroom the carpet had been pulled up close to the door when the pet was left inside for a few hours. The dog had pulled at fibers of the carpet close to the doorframe and had ripped up several inches of carpet. SERVPRO® of Henderson, Webster, Union, McLean, and Crittenden Counties reconstruction division was there to help! Our carpeting subcontractors met with this customer, helped them pick out new carpet, and ended up replacing all the bedroom carpet to match the new bedroom carpet. 

When pets wreak havoc, we are here to help! Whether it's old hardwood or carpet, let us give help you upgrade your home.  

Henderson Home Pet Damage: Carpet Stains

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

stain on carpet Puppy stains are normal and can happen, but let the professionals take care of your carpet.

A dog caused a lot of carpet damage in a Henderson home. The dog was fed table food that did not agree with him. He tried, but could not contain it and made a mess on his owner's carpet. 

The owners of the pet had used SERVPRO® of Henderson, Webster, Union, McLean, and Crittenden Counties on water damage, but knew we did carpet cleaning too. We can clean your carpets from a variety of pet messes. 

Our technicians came out to carpet clean and deodorize this home. Our technicians had this carpet looking "Like it never even happened." Call our offices today to see how we can restore your carpet or flooring from a pet mess on a carpet. We love your furry friends, but sometimes the mess they leave behind needs professionals.  

Water Damages Henderson Home

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Hiding

When water damage occurs in your Henderson home, there are a variety of ways it can be hiding in plain sight. Water is malleable, so that means it can reach a number of places without you even knowing it; especially, if the water damage occurs without you being present. Water can appear dry without actually being dry. 

When water sets in and is not properly dried out, this is when mold begins to grow and damaging the drywall, carpet, and other contents in your home. 

Water damage does not have to be a huge, catastrophic disaster to need to be professionally cleaned. Even a small amount of water can leave a big amount of damage and costs when left untreated. 

Call our offices for a complimentary estimate on your water damage, so we can find where the water hides!

Top Ways to Prevent Commercial Mold Growth

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

How do you keep mold from spreading in your commercial property? 

The best way to keep your commercial property from mold growth is by following these tips. 

Clean: Mold grows on areas that are porous. The best way to prevent growth is by keeping everything clean. The cells that feed mold can be kept away by cleaning everything. From floors to ceilings to upholstery: mold can grow, so keep it clean. 

Staying Dry: Mold likes to grow in moist environments. Moisture helps mold flourish, so keep the area dry. Always run exhaust fans and clean up spills immediately. 

Repairs: Mold can grow in areas that are tapering off. The best way to keep mold from growing is to keep your home tidy and clean; such as, foundation cracks, new seals, roof patching, and other areas that need home repairs. 

Mold Spores: One of the best ways to stop mold from growing is to know how to spot spores as soon as they begin. But, mold can be sneaky in cracks and crevices of a home or business. Make sure to keep up on inspections and other look-outs to spot mold in those sneaky spots. 

Keep in mind if you suspect mold, call the professionals. Mold growth in your Henderson home or business can create disaster for your place. Call us for mold testing in your home or business, because knowing the mold you are dealing with is the best way to combat it. 

What is that damp smell in your Henderson home?

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

When you get home from a long day of work, and you notice that there is an odor in your home that you do not recognize --it can be cause for concern. 

So, what is that smell? 

1. It could be mold. When mold spores begin to grow they can emit a smell that is similar to damp, wet clothes or a wet dog. It is not a fun smell, but it is a wake-up call to find out the verdict of the odor.

2. Undiscovered Water Damage such as a small dripping pipe. This may not turn into a problem but if you do not get it repaired, it can turn into full water damage or weaken the sheetrock into a crumbly mess for your home.

3. Full water damages could create an odor in your home. This one is much more obvious because a lot of water damages are discoverable. 

No matter how you find water damage or mold damage in your home --give our office a call so we can help evaluate the damage and help you find out the odor in your Henderson home.

How to Keep your Henderson Home Safe from Fire Damages

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

Candle Safety

Candles are a fan favorite in almost every household. We know they are always nice to have when company comes over or when you need a relaxing moment. We agree, candles are great, but not always when it comes to fire safety. Candles are open flames, so there is always a risk when you light one of these up. Here are a few tips to keep your home safe and smelling good at the same time: 

  1. Always keep curtains away from open flames. It may seem like your curtains or fabric are far enough away from your candles, but we suggest the further the better. Even if you think the candle is far enough away, move it a few inches more, just in case. Candles are open flames, so even a slight breeze could cause the curtains to blow right into them, especially if they are long pieces of fabric. 
  2. Always blow out candles before going to sleep. It does not matter how long you plan to be asleep or even if there are other people in the home. If you lit the candle, always blow it out and put a lid over it before leaving a room. It does not matter if you are heading to be absent for fifteen minutes or an hour. 
  3. Always keep your pets away from open flames. We love our fur babies at SERVPRO® of Henderson, Webster, Union, McLean, & Crittenden Counties, but we know they can be unpredictable. Even the most well-trained and veteran pet can have a bad moment. Animals may not understand that fire means danger, so leaving an open flame within their reach can only mean one thing --potential fire hazard. Keep your fur babies away from areas with candles or do not light a candle for the night until your pets are put to bed. 

We love candles, but we do not love when they create a fire hazard for you or your family. It is always best to follow best practices to keep your home or business safe from fire damages. 

Commercial Construction Upgrades

3/6/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Cleaning and  Reconstruction/Construction: We can help!

Has your equipment needed extra cleaning, or some mold damage left untreated, or simple floor to ceiling clean, and construction upgrades?

When there are commercial upgrades needed in your facility -- SERVPRO® of Henderson, Webster, Union, McLean, and Crittenden Counties knows what to do. 

Our Reconstruction Manager, has worked on numerous construction commercial facilities. From factories, to educational facilities, to apartment complexes, to small businesses: he is the expert. Schedule a consultation with him to find out what your property is need of upgrading. Whether you know what it is or not, letting a professional be there to help, is key. 

Maybe your facility or business does not need commercial reconstruction, but commercial cleaning. We do that too! We have options for HVAC cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor to ceiling clean and more. 

We can do a little bit of everything. Call our offices today for more information!

Commercial Reconstruction

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

Yes, we do that!

Commercial Reconstruction

Commercial Reconstruction happens more often than you think. When a commercial business or facility needs upgrades, especially after a water loss, the flow of construction can be frustrating. The best way to limit interruption and flow is to have the same company do the remediation and reconstruction. 

Our reconstruction team consists of highly trained team members who are used to working on commercial losses and working with our remediation crew. We know that business interruption is crucial when it comes to your facility. We know how to work with your team to make your needs a reality. We have after hours teams that can help when it is crucial to do keep the team rolling during standard business hours.

Let our team be there to help!

Water Damage and Wet Materials

3/4/2021 (Permalink)

When water damage occurs in your home there are a variety of materials that can be remediated. We work to dry your home it the most efficient way possible. But, sometimes there are materials that cannot be salvaged. 

When wet, some insulation like fiberglass or expanded foam can be dried and saved. Blown insulation that's wet loses it's R-value, or ability to insulate, and should be replaced.

We want to make sure we put your home back "Like it never even happened," and sometimes that takes replacing some of the materials and structure of your home. 

Call us today if you have a water damage or suspect there's water damage,  you cannot find. This happens more often than you think and can impact the insulation as mentioned above.

Call us to speak with a trained and highly skilled team member to help.

Do you have a plan?

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

Storm weather is upon us. We go from storm season, to thunderstorms, to tornadoes, to hurricanes. Storm weather can impact us from miles and miles away. 

1. Have a Plan: make sure your family knows what the plan is and have it written down so everyone can have access to it for a refresher when needed. 

2. Have a safety kit and check it regularly for updates. 

3. Have a safety spot in the home. Make sure you pick somewhere not around windows and doors that you can shelter from a storm. 

Keep these tips in mind at your next family meeting, so that you can keep yourself and your family safe during the next storm season pattern. We know damages happen, but it does not hurt to be prepared.